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CuteClips 3 is the brand new release of DoubleDog Software's great clipboard history. Focusing on simplicity, CuteClips 3 is the perfect history for everybody's clipboard. CuteClips 3 sits in the background and records changes to the clipboard. It keeps the last 12 clips, providing a big preview for all copied items.

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The store that we use to process payments has changed. The built-in store in CuteClips versions prior to 3.1.12 currently doesn't work. Download the latest version or use the link below.

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Perfect for the average user

Easy Interface

Feature iconWe paid extra attention to the user interface of CuteClips 3. Find your clips quickly in the list of text. For the details we have an extra big preview for each clip. To paste a clip, simply click on it.

System Integration

Feature iconCuteClips 3 will stay out of your way until you need it. It will record changes to your clipboard in the background. Your clips will be save even after you restart your computer.

Clips on Demand

Feature iconActivate CuteClips from the menu bar or by using the hotkey. The default hotkey is ⌘-⇧-V.

Perfect for the Professionals

Keyboard usage

Feature iconControl CuteClips with the keyboard all the way from activating CuteClips by hotkey to pasting clips in a sequence. For a complete list of shortcuts go see the List of Shortcuts

Paste multiple clips

Feature iconCuteClips allows for pasting many clips at once, even with text in between. Simply press space to mark clips.

Shortcuts for clips

Feature iconIf you need to paste certain clips quite often, assign a shortcut number to it. When you want to paste the clip, just activate CuteClips and press the number to paste the clip.

Store more clips

Feature iconIf 12 clips are not enough you can increase the number of clips by resizing the CuteClips window.

Easy on your System

Feature iconYou can put anything on your clipboard without fearing that CuteClips 3 will bog down your System, even huge images.

Paste only a part of a clip

Feature iconEach clip is made up of many different kinds of data. Be that text with format or plain text. Using the Subclip Menu you can choose what kind of data you want to paste.

Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ, or just send an email.

How do I change the amount of clips?

You can resize the CuteClips 3 window in order to change the amount of clips.

How do I activate CuteClips 3?

CuteClips can either be accessed from the menu bar, or via HotKey. By default the HotKey is ⌘-⇧-V.

This is awesome! How can I buy it?

The store that we use to process payments has changed. The option to buy CuteClips3 in the app currently doesn't work. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please use the Online Store to purchase CuteClips.

I just purchased, where is my serial?

When you purchase CuteClips you'll receive an email with a link to This email is sent automatically and you should receive them just after your purchase. If you didn't receive an email it was probably filtered as spam. If you didn't receive a serial after a day please contact me

Why should i upgrade my serial?

The final version of CuteClips uses images as serials to improve usability and keep the user from typing in long serials. If you received such an image, you're fine. If you bought a license for CuteClips3 during the beta period or own a license for CuteClips version 1 or 2, you're also fine, just drop us an email with your old license and i'll send you a new one.

My serial doesn't work, how do I register CuteClips 3?

CuteClips's serials are images. The mail that you receive after a purchase contains a link to that image. The link is to You register CuteClips by opening the serial in Safari and dragging the serial image on the preferences window. If the license image appears in the registration panel, CuteClips is registered. You must not modify this image in any way or CuteClip will not accept it.

Does CuteClips 3 use a lot of RAM?

CuteClips doesn't require much RAM anymore. Due to an improved data handling as of version 3.1.5, CuteClips uses little ram, even if you copy images from iPhoto.

Which versions of OS X are supported?

CuteClips3 Version 3.1.17+ supports OS X 10.7+

Download an older version that supports OS X 10.5 & 10.6

Where is the FAQ?

You're reading it!